Easy Registration

User can register with emailor use social logins.

Ride Now

Customers can quickly book a ride of their choice in a few taps with different type of cabs.

Ride Later

Customers can schedule a ride for a future date and time.

Real Time ETA

Customers will get accurate arrival times of their cabs.

Fare Estimates

Customers can get approximate fares by providing their destination.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay as they like with cash, cards, wallets and more.

Notification Alerts

Customers get important alerts via push notifications, SMS and email.

SOS Button

Customers can quickly call to get a help with built-in emergency button.

Track Driver

Customers can view their cab arriving on a map in real time.

Promo Codes

Customer can save a few bucks by applying promo and offer codes.

Referral Rewards

Customer get unique referral code to share and receive free rides/ credit.

Cancel Booking

Customers are free to cancel trips anytime in case of any changes.

Easy Registration

Drivers can quickly add the necessary details and request a signup.

Availability Button

Drivers can mark themselves online or offline anytime and stay flexible.

Real Time Requests

Drivers get notified for new requests with pickup details.


Intuitive interface to accept rides in limited time frame.

Trip Information

Drivers get essential details about their customer for a seamless pickup and drop.


Built-in navigation with Google maps provides the best route and ETA information.

Contact Passenger

Drivers can call passengers for any clarification on pickup location.

Start/End Trip

Drivers mark when arriving, start and end a trip to get automated bills.

Track Earnings

Drivers can view their entire job history and daily earnings under earnings tab.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers get useful stats and insights on their trips, performance and feedback.

Rate Customer

Drivers also get option to rate their rides and flag bad customers and behavior.

Help & Support

Offer your driver partners feature to raise support ticket for their queries.

Secure Login

Login to your web based admin panel from any browser securely.

Admin Dashboard

Get quick summary and statistics on operations and performance.

Manage Drivers

Add drivers, review signup requests, set commission rates and more.

Manage Customers

View all registered customers on your service and get more details.

Manage Dispatchers

Add and manage operators and dispatchers to handle booking requests.

Manage Vehicles

Add cars and vehicle information in your fleet for simplified management.

Manage Categories

Add and update your car offerings to target different customer segments.

Manage Tariffs

Set and manage fares with granular settings for distance, wait time and more.

Trip Tracking

Track on rides being conducted by your fleet through a master view.

Reporting & Analytics

Get useful stats and insights on your business for smarter decision making.

Dispatcher Panel

Dedicated taxi dispatch system managed by your approved operators.

Manual Bookings

Your dispatchers can create new booking requests quickly from the interface.

taxi booking app

Easy to Use

taxi booking app development

Tap for Booking

taxi booking app development company

Hassle Free

taxi app developers

Best Travel Comfort

Taxi booking app is becoming widely popular in the market. More and more users prefer to choose online cab booking app like Uber for travelling comfortably to their destination. Hence, businesses and entrepreneurs are truly inspired for taxi booking app development.

We are one of the leading taxi booking app development company. With the advanced features and specifications that we offer in our taxi app, we get plenty of requests to develop taxi booking apps for start-up companies, business owners who are looking to widen their established businesses in taxi across the globe

A taxi app can make the drivers life easy as well. If you are seriously planning to develop a taxi booking app like Uber, then you must have a glance at the varied features which drives a successful mobile app for taxi service.

Taxi Mobile App Features

We have designed the most advanced app for taxi booking using Android and iOS platforms. Using these apps, a user can easily book the vehicle and the driver reaches the exact location of the user.

taxi app development company

User Registration

To use this app, passengers can directly register from their mobile app using the login page.


Once the journey of the passenger ends, the user has the facility to rate your driver and provide feedbacks.

Book a Taxi

This feature includes:

  • Set pickup Location
  • Show available/online drivers with vehicle info
  • Select Suitable vehicle (Type/Model)
  • Estimate of Fare (per Min/Miles)
  • Request for Ride

Trip History

The user can view the history of the travel in future.

Payment History

In this feature, we can analyse the payment made to the taxi driver if there are any requirements in future.

Live Routing

Through this feature, the passenger can get updates regarding the cab through the app from the initial stage itself which includes the starting of the cab, its arrival, travel, and it continues till the end of the journey.

Promotions/ Free-ride

The user will receive promotions/ free-ride promotions invite in the form of email or text messages.

Manage Ride

This helps the user to start/end Ride Notifications and then view receipt in the form of Email or Text Message.


This can include favourite places and notifications which can be with on/ off option.

for Apps like Uber, Lyft

Uber and Lyft is a top notch taxi service app that has created a fervor among the users of cab service. Creating apps like Uber and Lyft clones have its own set of benefits. With the taxi booking app in our possession, we can include the features that are locally acceptable and in demand. We can even introduce a larger database that would support more people from the local front. The taxi cabs apps(even Uber for Trucking) can be customized to match your requirement in a cost effective manner. The Uber and Lyft clone comes with a MySQL backend supported with PHP creating a dynamic base for your taxi service. Above all, these 2 unwavering features are the reason to have your own taxi booking app:

◆ Customizable Call Centre taxi booking solution and
◆ Radio taxi software with manual dispatch feature

The Features
with Uber / Lyft like Passenger App

The whole idea of creating an Uber-like app is to make an app enriched with features customized to match your requirement. The Uber clone app will consist of the following features.

● Easy Registration that enables users to register and use this app with their mobiles

● Auto payment feature is made available which allows users to register their cards and automate the payments

● Google places and maps can be used as an indicator for pickup and drop places

● Cab type can be selected with ease by providing details on budget, passenger number etc

● Users can calculate the fare easily using this app

● Tracking feature is made available on real time basis. You can check who your driver is, where is at present etc. using this app

● Drivers can accept or reject a request sent to their phones

● Driver can keep a tab on the number of requests they have accepted and other details related to the service

● GPS is available in the form of voice activated navigation app

● The app also contains analytics features along with stored invoices enabling tracking of payment and other things

Choose Your Plan


Choose Your Plan


Feature Basic Standard Premium
Rider App-Features
Registration: & Login
Login via Facebook account (Social Media)
Tracking ,set location of pickup on the map via Google places.
Selecting taxi type, Price per mile/km or minimal fare.
Push Notification, SMS and mail alerts
Support Service
Cost calculator
Ratings and Feedbacks
Booking History
Live Tracking
Automatic Payment
Adding multiple credit cards
Driver App- Features
Registration and approving by admin
Accept or reject request for booking
Push Notification, SMS and mail alerts
Support Service
Updating status of clients
Booking History with status of orders
Login via Facebook account
Navigation with Google. Voice-driven
Communication facility for drivers and passengers
Admin Panel - Features
Dashboard - quick summary and statistics
Manage passengers (Basic)
Manage drivers (Basic)
Manage passengers (Advanced)
Manage drivers (Advanced)
Manage cars
Fare Management
Manage requests
Manage transactions
Manage site settings, SMTP mail settings, SMS templates, Social networking site settings, Payment gateways and banner settings
Reports - Access and extract Account report and total earnings at a glance
Country & Cities Management
Country & Cities Management
Notification Management
Content Management
Promotion Management
Referal Program Management
Toll Management
Testimonial Management
FAQ Management